MIMMA Grand Finals (15 June 2013)

MIMMA Grand Finals (15 June 2013)
My friend was fighting for MIMMA (Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts) Grand Finals. The gym he was representing was Leverage Combat Academy. I asked my trainer if I could be the one photographing what went down. Fortunately enough, he was a cool guy and allowed me the backstage pass. This is my first time going backstage and the experience was wonderful. My friend lost leaving his opponent's face battered to a bloody pulp however loss to an unforeseen armbar. Though he may be defeated, we were still very proud of him.

Making supportive temporary tattoos

Through a back roller

Warming up backstage

That look

First round

Coach cornering

Tips before clock starting again
Up against the cage

Slammed his opponent, head down

Announcement of the winner

Cutting off wraps in the medical room