Taiwan Trip - DAY ONE

I took out my book and my camera from my bag and sat in the best seat in the plane-- next to a window. Waiting for passengers to take their seats and the pilot to take off, I waited.. I peered out the window. It never ceases to amaze me, the magic of flight. How, from the Wright brothers, the evolution of planes to allow people to take off and soar through the wind and make speedy transportation possible. It took the plane quite a while to finally get moving as the traffic of other planes had to take off before us that I could have almost slept but I always ensure I stay awake until we were above the clouds, into the stratosphere. The feeling of knowing the wheels of the aeroplane has lifted from the ground, your guts in your stomach churn and your ears blocked due to change in altitude. The wonders of flying. I don't actually fancy the change in altitude that my ears experience but it comes with it so might as well endure. It was a four hour flight from Malaysia to Taiwan, the longest flight I've been on yet. I did not sleep for most of the trip as my recently favourite book kept me awake and the constant checking at the blue sky and cotton clouds as the plane just pass them by. I always wonder what it would be like to put my hand through a cloud.. I'm sure it would feel like nothing but moist air as if walking through a fog but cartoons do fill a child's mind with creativity. Oh how wonderful it would be if we could jump on them like soft bouncy beds...

Once we touched down, our whole day was practically spent, one of the down sides of traveling to other countries is the lengthy trips that potentially eat up the whole day. Nearing sunset, it was soon time for dinner and having airplane food for lunch (not that it wasn't great, just the portion was not of a whole satisfying meal), our tummies were growling which only means one thing when you're in a foreign country, especially on your first day... Night market! What better way to know a country than through it's people at its rawest moments? To get there, we traveled using an electric train. We reached there and it was filled with hawker stalls and they have many stores for clothing, electronics and souvenirs. A couple of things I realise while traveling via train was that Taiwan has quite a lot of phone booths which you hardly see in Malaysia anymore with handphones being available to almost anybody that if you ever forgot your handphone at home and in need of an emergency call... Well, lets just say you shouldn't have forgotten your phone to begin with. It was also cute that at the end of the phone booth was one that suit shorter people such as children. Also, I quite thought that the exit sign was interesting due to the fact that it was placed on the floor and lit up. Interesting indeed. Well, once returned to the hotel room, I took a photo of myself and said goodnight to the world :) 

Hotel Xmas Decorations

Phone Booths