Taiwan Trip - DAY THREE

Continuing our trip the next morning, we woke up to have breakfast in the hotel at 0830 hours. Malaysia and Taiwan have the same longitude thus giving us an advantage of practically no time difference, only that the sun sets and rises much earlier. In Taiwan, the sun sets at about 1700 hours whilst in Malaysia, sun sets at about 1900 hours. Traveling to another country almost seems like traveling to another dimension where you still have people, cities, civilization.. only that the scenery, culture and the people are different. Almost another universe. The weather for the third day was just nice and cool, we left our jackets in the bus and stopped at our first destination, Shoufong Township to enjoy the natural landscape of ponds, trees, mountains and clouds. Although I would have to say that the last one was not available. As I said before, through out our whole journey, the sky was nothing but a white blanket.

Shoufong was a very beautiful place. With its nice cool air and such beautiful sights, I would have liked to go back there given the chance although it has become quite the tourist attraction. Many tour guides were there explaining to the Main landers (people from China) about the place. Before we reached Shoufong, our bus driver told us about Taiwan's relationship with the Mainlanders and how it was a love hate relationship. The Chinese bring in good business for the Taiwanese but they often lack the element of courtesy which I will experience in the near future but more on that later on. It was a beautiful place with still waters and colourful trees along with beautiful mountains in the background. You can find ducks and ducklings swimming in the ponds. It was cute to see the ducklings trying to paddle their little webbed feet in the waters. There was a little food vendor there to serve the tourist with a gang of geese waiting for food to be dropped so they can scavenge the scraps. I remembered my first encounter with geese when I was little, they were noisy and fierce and tried to peck me as a child but these geese were only interested in the crumbs that will fall off your snacks. As I photographed them, they often hiss at me as if I was the paparazzi and having their photo taken was like an everyday thing until they got sick of it.

Our hotel decorations included a light bulb half-filled with water as our yellow bus was in the background

The scenery on the way to Shoufong

A gang of geese at the entrance of Shoufong


A little boy walking his dogs :)
One more take on the geese before leaving

We stop here just for a photo and left

Our next stop was to Shihtiping. It definitely was a breath taking sight..

On the way to Shihtiping
Shihtiping scenery :)