Berserk Werewolf

 Aheh.. I guess this is my first "step by step" digital painting here, guys... :D

It's the last semester of my college years and exams are being the B-word. As I am writing this.. I'm suppose to be studying, not to mention all the hours wasted away on this painting but I just had to express my frustration (or more of handling the boredom) I've been cooped up in my room for 4 months. It is getting pretty stuffy. Not to mention when exams stretches about a month. In a way, it's good. It gives me air to breathe in between papers but it is also excrutiating to know that freedom is so close yet so far. Stressed as I was, I drew this on my notebook and realised it'll do a good painting so I went further. In my mind.. His deep gravelly voice of a werewolf spoke in such rage, "I'M TELLING YOU! IF EXAM HAD A HEART, I'D RIP IT OUT OF ITS RIB CAGE AND WATCH IT'S LAST BEATS OF PUMPING BLOOD SUFFOCATE IN DRY OPEN AIR!!!" As you read this. Please wish me luck and in the time I spent doing this... Lets hope it was worth the break >< Thanks guys!