First Male Portrait

I can honestly tell you I am terrible at drawing people and my digital painting is very beginner-ish. So my latest artwork really had me all excited. It began with a story. I'm a lover of comic books and since I'm quite an artsy fellow, I thought I could share my stories through art as I usually do but this time, it will be a much more lengthy story than just one paragraph. :) So I've been doing some reading here and there. I finally got the rough idea on how to draw a male head figure. This is the only thin I can draw for now and then there'll be women, children and then proportionate bodies to go with it >< haha.

Art was usually just a simple project without really any want to improve but it hit me and suddenly, I feel pretty determined to read up and improve on everything. Back to basics. Even my horses, dragons... I admit it wasn't all perfect but I decided to touch up on everything >:)

I did another painting previously but it wasn't as good as I hoped but there's always room for improvement :D Figured there was just too many things in one picture. I need to start off small first.. little by little. Hence, the male portrait painting :)