Stop the EKVE

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Basically, the Federal Government and Selangor State Government intends on building a highway through the oldest and largest man made forest reserve in Malaysia. Yes, you heard right. What on earth are they thinking? The forest is home to many wild and beautiful animals. I can list a lot of reasons why this shouldn't happen... EVER. These forested areas are part of the region’s natural water tower and are vital to the social and economic well-being of the state and federal territories. Protecting our water catchment forests is not a luxury but a necessity. The Ampang and Ulu Gombak forest reserves serve as water catchment forests for major areas in the Klang Valley. The Ampang Intake plant supplies 19 million litres of potable water per day to 9,225 accounts in the Ampang area. The Ulu Gombak forest reserve is a catchment for the Klang Gates Dam. This dam reportedly supplies water to 80,000 households and business premises in the Klang Valley.

- Malaysia is already facing a water problem with the catchment area drying up, we have trouble having water in our homes and still they would like to cut down more trees? Are they trying to kill us all?

- I think what the politicians don't understand is that our ecosystem and culture is the mascot of our country. It's what makes this country beautiful. Why are they trying to destroy that?

- It is home to so many animals. "FOREST RESERVE" I'm pretty sure those words are self explanatory. Things like these shouldn't be touch. They say time travel has a butterfly effect, I say nature has a butterfly effect. It's like for example, orangutans eat fruits and they help distribute seeds all around the forest, wind can only help so much but these primate travel all around the forest, which gives seeds more chances to grow and once a tree grows, it'll give more oxygen, more shade and more food to the other animals. If orangutans goes extinct (God forbids!) then a great number of trees will not grow which will affect the amount of food available to the animals and can affect the climate of the forest. It all connects. You wipe out one, the entire ecosystem is affected. You mess with the balance, it'll go haywire

- It is a place for people and nature to connect. If people can appreciate the beauty of nature, they can understand why we need them so much. It's a place to get away from the concrete jungle and to remember why our hearts always desire to have nature so close to heart. We love dogs, we like the sight of trees (did you know if you have a plant in your office, it is said you will be less stress?) it is all our inner desire to be close to nature.

- Humans have to understand that this earth has gone quite fine for billions of years before we ever came along. And when we came, suddenly there was all this unfortunate events happening. We have to respect that, we have to respect that mother nature has provided so much and she is still providing for us. And remember, if humans were to go extinct... mother nature isn't affected at all.

- Recent experiments shows that plants do feel pain. We always have this perception that it's so easy to kill plants off because they can't speak or tell you what they feel. But they do feel.

Well, there's a lot more but wouldn't want to bore you with the details. I want to hope that this project will not pull through. So far, no construction has started so we still have hope. Please help the silent victims. Please know that their existence is just as important as ours