Wildlife Photographer of The Year Portfolio 20

This was a pleasant read and just have my breath taken away by every turn of the page. It is as the title express; wildlife photographers. It was really amazing to be able to see the products that these photographers were able to offer and they truly were amazing. The topic ranges from mammals to nature in black and white to underwater to plants. The book was published in Year 2010, although not the latest but it certainly has photographers that will be imprinted in your head one way or another. I would actually like to share a segment of the book to bring awareness to the conservation of wildlife. These few photos that I'm about to show is to bring awareness to what is happening to the animals and it brought tears to my eyes and I hope that these photos will make you just as sad, just as angry, just as fed up of how these animals are being treated for our own greed.

Category: One Earth Award

Category: Wildlife Photojournalist of The Year Award

Some photos were expected but others have been rather eye opening. I know these words have been said all too many times until it seems rather mundane that our greed has led to destruction but only because it is true. I like to think this is me contributing to spread the awareness of conservation, although I am hoping to have a bigger role to play in the world of conservation in the future but as of now, it's the only thing I know how to do. I hope these photos either further your will of conservation or perhaps spark in what seems to be the beginning to your efforts of saving the world and all the innocent creatures in it.

Cheers :)