My Garden

Gardening is honestly quite relaxing and the results are beautiful depending on what you planted. Flowers bring colour to not only your garden but your life and fruit trees will reward you with fruits in time. With so much destruction in earth, it's nice to take time to return the favours mother nature has provided for us. We have used her soil, cut her flowers, eat her fruits, logging her trees and it's hardly ever thought to give back to her for we keep taking and taking. Although my efforts seem so small but I like to think if somewhere out there, someone reading this wants to plant and next thing you know a lot more people starts joining in and it is a great effort.

I was inspired by an Indian teenager who saw this land that was empty and the snakes died for it was too hot. He asked the authorities to help but everyone said it was no use trying. He quit his job and committed his life to planting trees. 20 years later, it became a forest and it was home to many animals including elephants and deers. It was truly inspiring and although I wont be able to grow a forest, a little action goes a long way. I hope you'd like to do some gardening too! Go green!! :D