Lemon NY Cream Cheese

Top view of the cheesecake

- Japanese steam bake cream cheese with chocolate sponge coated with fresh lemon pastry cream.

One factor that I have to say about this cake is that it had a nice sour punch in the beginning which was a surprise since it's not the norm as you expect a tangy sweet taste but this really introduces your tongue to a nice strong lemoney entrance! You can find a couple layers of chocolate sponge inside which complements well with the cheese and lemon. I also love the design with the little white and dark chocolate crumbles along the cake, it's almost like a walkway guiding you to the oval chocolates and the little fruits on the cake. If you're ordering this.. Enjoy!

look at all that crumbles!

I like the contrast colours of yellow and orange

admiring the lovely pattern of veins on the leaves