Malaysian Beauties Ep01 Crested Serpent Eagle

These eagles have long feathers behind it's head, when alarmed, it will bring up the feathers to give it a crested like appearance. The second part of their name is given due to the fact that they enjoy eating reptiles and snakes. It is a medium size bird of prey. It is the most common resident eagle that can be found that can be found throughout Malaysia.

Crested Serpent Eagles can be found in all kinds of conditions; wet forest, dry forest, mongrove, montane, sub montane, shrubs. It is very common. It can be found in Southern Asia, from Sri Lanka to South China to Southeast Asia. These birds are more of a sit and watch kind of predator. They watch their prey from high perches for quite a long duration. When it finds it's prey and decides tog o for it, it drops from the branch to the ground almost vertically. They usually go for reptiles, snakes, small birds and mammals. They tend to also take dead snakes if it finds any.

They are usually solitary animals but when a pair gets together, they will mate together for all year round. When they procreate, they usually use the same territory year after year and nest in the same site but not necessarily the same tree. The nest is built by both parents, the female will only lay one egg and the chick is fed by both parents but usually by the male. The mother will usually stay near the nest to protect the chick.

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