Kenny Hills Bakers

63, Jalan Langgak Tunku, Taman Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Mon - Sun : 8am - 7pm

What I like
Well executed pastries, deserts, beverages
Good service
Open car park

What I don't like
lack of space

First thing that happens when you walk in is this mountain filled goodness welcoming you with the aroma of fresh baked yummies!
I could go on, eater...

On your left, you'll find nice loaves of bread of different variety.

and some bagel too...

The place is small to begin with so there isn't much space to maneuver.
There are also some tables and chairs outside to dine in.

To begin with, the names of these dishes are absolutely scrumptious but the price mlle want to run out of there. However, in their defense... What you pay, is what you get. 

My brother recommended we had to try the tiramisu. It was a beautiful blend of flavours of coffee, mascarpone the nice finish of a brandy taste at the bottom. 

The foam was smooth and lovely. The coffee was not burnt and there was no sugar

Tuna Melt Croissant
A layer of tuna and melted cheese smacjed between a nicely toasted crispy fresh croissant. It was pleasant and I enjoyed it. 

Smoked Salmon Avocado
This is definitely more of a snack of the very healthy variety. Full of omega 3 and all that stuff. Smoked salmon with mashed avocado, a slice of zuchinni and lettuce. The avocado goes well with the saltiness of thesalmon and coupled with the croissant.. I enjoyed it. 

I have never tried an affigato desert but I have to admit, this was a pleasant surprise for something so simple to be so enjoyable. A scoop of high quality vanilla ice cream served with a portion of coffee. Just pour the hot coffee over the cold ice cream and watch the steam evaporate. The bitterness of the coffee couples well with the sweetness of the vanilla, it almost neutralises the sweetness and the bitterness and became a whole new desert in itself. 

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake 
With this name, it definitely tempted me to order a slice of this. It looked like combination of a cake, pie and tart. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectation from the name. To me, it was one of those events where the apple filling and cream cheese tasted wonderful separately but they make a not so convincing combination. Tasting it as a whole, it tasted like they used green apples, the sourness kind of overpowered everything else. Green apples are a good choice when countered with the suitable amount of sugar to give contrasting flavours but I couldn't find it here. There's the salted caramel in the cream cheese but I found it to be very subtle. The consistency of the cream cheese is beautiful though, thick and smooth, like quality room temperature ice cream. You can really taste the cheese. The base has a very nice texture and flavour too. It was an interesting experience but I personally would not order this again. 

I enjoyed my meal. I like the atmosphere the place gives, cozy and friendly. Although not really a place to bring a big group of friends and even with a few, it's still cramped but a recommended place for tea time. If you don't mind the pricing at all then this is a good place to chill with a couple of people you care about :)