Malaysian Beauties is my personal project to help create awareness about the wildlife that can be found in Malaysia. I realised as a local city folk, we have no clue what lives in our forest. I'll show you my painting of a barn owl and explain their lifestyle a little bit to help gain awareness of the animals found in my country as many cityfolks (especially myself) are not really aware of the animals residing here. Because of this, nobody knows and therefore no one cares of the amount of deforestation that is happening. Think of the lives of plants and animals alike that are being at risk due to this. Therefore, I hope this will help spread awareness. I'm no activist but I hope to do what I can with what I love.

You can even check out; The Government is happily chopping away trees and even going as far as building highways through forest reserves! And even more so, many people have no clue this is happening. I love painting and I hope to paint these animals in the best of light and I hope this inspires you in some way :)

I really hope you'll find the information interesting and helpful and if you do, please share. Thanks guys

Ep01 Crested Serpent Eagle

Ep02 Sumatran Rhinoceros

Ep03 Barn Owl

Ep04 Modern Conflict

Ep05 Orangutan