Sabah (8th-12th August 2013)

Climbed Mt. Kinabalu but it was an unlucky experience as it was raining throughout. Couldn't see much of anything so there wasn't much photos I could capture :( I was disappointed but it was a good experience being on top of the highest peak in Malaysia :) I also visited a tourist market

Colourful Batik

Colourful Batik


Stuff toys in a closed souvenir store

your descriptive text here

Bought a key chain as memory :)

My hiking boots

Our meal place :)

Drive to the mountain

Guide explaining the hike

Plant on the mountains


Red Pitcher Plant


In the mouth of the dragon

an artist selling her works in the market



mt. kinabalu from a distance

a blind man

I don't like caged birds :(

Whats the point of wings when you can't use them?