KL Butterfly Park

I visited the Butterfly Park located in Kuala Lumpur. It is a very nice place. It is quite a big place where butterflies and moths roam the area. Different types of butterflies and moths, many of which I never knew existed. It is almost a place out of a dream. However the down side was it was very humid. I was sweating like crazy as I was exploring the area. The place was big and often I lost track, wondering if I even went down this lane or haven't (it's big but not huge like a zoo of course but the landscape design was very beautiful and like a maze in its way so I can't remember if I did go down that road). They also had aquariums to show amazing creatures; frogs and turtles. They even have the alligator snapping turtle! Although I did wished they had as much freedom as the butterflies. They also have a pond where tortoises can swim and relax. As it was going to rain, I tried to wrap it up as soon as possible only to find that my tour wasn't exactly finished. You have to exit via another door and they have a reason for this. As I entered the door that says "Exit" They had many posters to educate about the various insects in this world and also how butterflies are born, how long their life span is, etc. It was a very exciting experience for me. I always love wildlife and to see the miracles of nature being explained.. It was brilliant. (And it was air-conditioned so that was definitely a plus for me!)

WARNING: If you do visit the area.. Be mindful of where you step. A number of these butterflies do take a breather on the ground. You can see that some people wasn't aware of them as they were admiring the beauty in eye's view. Butterflies are stepped on and died so please be careful. The place can be quite distracting in all it's beauty. I almost stepped on a few myself until I realised the floors also had quite a few butterflies there

Here are some photos of the educational room, just to give you a rough idea of what it's like