Symphony of Flames

I was practicing painting fire. I painted a fire skull before. There are a few techniques for painting fire. In the fire skull, I was watching a youtube channel and the tutorial says to use a smudge tool. It made the fire look very.. blazing which worked for the fire skull but it didn't seem... graceful? I wanted a style that dances like how controlled or slow fires usually are. So I did my research and there was a site where this lovely lady cared to share how to paint fire. Her paintings are amazing. I did some practice and thought I could practice drawing a human again.

So The picture on top is my practice on painting fire with using only a soft brush. As I painted, I thought it'd be proactive to practice on my human drawings again so I added a human:

It's no surprise to imagine a superhero, to give him powers of fire. I thought practice drawing on humans again and draw a man with the capabilities of controlling fire. Usually I see a ball of fire emanating from the man's hand but I like to show where the fire comes from.. not hovering in the air but fire from within that person. It also looks like the fire is dancing on his hand. And I always like to show a connection of that person's capabilities with his features. Thus the fiery coloured eyes and the red hair with yellow highlights. I think my human drawings could use a lot more practice but I'm pleased with the hair and eyes :) Still got a long way to go but it's the little victories that makes the journey to winning the war